Our Story

In today’s steadfast economy, people are fast paced and care less about the environment and ecology. We waste water knowingly or unknowingly, not realizing that we can leverage technology to effectively slow down the water problem. Arroy was born on this idea, brilliant engineering combined with modern day technology. We are essentially helping people to get voluntarily involved in the water problem by converting their existing faucets to work more efficiently, without affecting their regular usage.

Our Mission

To convert household, restaurant, industrial and every kind of tap in the world to a pressurized, efficient and water saving water dispenser made convenient to use and apply for all age groups.

Our Vision

Our vision is to reduce the amount of water wastage significantly to a point where our next generation does not have to experience acute or long-term water shortage.

Our Values


This is a well researched ideology to help tackle the water problem. Our products are engineered to make the easiest transition for consumers from regular taps or dispensers to pressurized aerators.

Ease of Application

Our products are designed for easy application to any faucet, so that it can be easy to apply for any age group, seamlessly without the need of any instruction manual.

Long Term Benefits

The effectiveness of our products can be seen from short term usage of less water consumption and long term usage through less water bills. Our customer support shall be available for any queries throughout.

Let Arroy Save You & Our Environment.

Water, bill and environment saving, user friendly aerators for all types of usage. Contact us today and start saving water instantly!