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Frequntly Asked Question

Arroy’s range of products are designed for ease of use and to be applicable for anyone who wishes to have a better water dispenser experience, for efficient use and to save water as much as possible.

Regular water taps consume approximately 9 litres of water every minute of usage. Out of this. Only 30% of the water is used efficiently.

You will see the reduction in water consumption after 30 days of water usage using Arroy’s signature aerators.

Our products are designed for use by people of any age group and can be applied using a simple lock in method. No electricians or plumbers are required for installation of our aerators or other products.

Mist type flow
Foam type aerator
Spray type flow
Dual mode 720 rotation
Dual mode normal
Dual mode 360 one side rotation
Dual mode for Basin
Shower Regulator
Casing for Aerator